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I just found CacheDragon on handango, tried it, liked it and registered. But after downloading the commercial version (1.09 beta, the trial was 1.1) and trying to enter my regcode program just crashes and terminates. Tried this on my qtek s100 (HTC Magician) ang my GFs ipaq 5550 with the same result.


I've tried to email the author, David Stein but no answer yet. OK, it has only been 36 hours, but I'd like to start using my new software.


Does someone has any idea how I can resolv this issue and/or get in contact with Mr Stein.



\\ aste

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Well, back in 2003 David was working on version 1.2.

Here it is 2005, and version 1.1 is still the latest version.


Those of us that liked the program threw cash his way by registering, with the promise of a new version (1.2) that fixed some serious bugs in 1.1.


Then, he just dropped out of the forums. His user name on geocaching is "sfsdfd".


His last post to the forums was September 22, 2003, stating he was working on version 1.2.


Since then, we've heard nothing.

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But I cannot even get the software to run. First of all it's 1.09 beta (it says during install) and I cannot use it since it crashes after entering the regcode.


Does any of you guys have the latest commercial version available? Maybe at least I can get it to work!


If I don't hear anything within a week I will contact handango and clam my money back. Because now I paid $25 (with tax) for nothing and that kind of irritates me!


\\ aste

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