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Finding Caches Near A Location


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Rdut and I are going to Shawnee State Park in October. I have found the zip code for the park, but obviously, the zip code is also for the area around the park. My question is:


Is there a way to pinpoint the area that you want to find caches? I would love to be able to search on "Shawnee State Park" and get all the caches that are listed for that area.



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You are a Premium Member so you can set up a Pocket Query based on the coordinates of the Park.


You can specify the terrain and difficulty ratings and the types of caches to be included.


For instance, you might exclude the puzzle caches, and maybe the multis, if you won't have time to do those.

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Pocket queries will give you up to 500 caches in any area you specify. You can open them in GSAK, Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. You can create up to 20 different Pocket Queries.


That program will allow you to sort and filter the caches based on additional criteria.


You don't need a PDA for PQs and GSAK to be very, very helpful. :rolleyes:


The coordinates of the park can be found on sites like Mapquest or Google Earth, or on mapping programs like Delorme Street Atlas or Mapsend or Mapsource.

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I've used trial and error.


Pick a cache that comes up in the zip code search.

Click the map to send you to the "mapquest" map of its location.

Guestimate its location with relation to the park you are after.

Return to search results page and look for a cache that is roughly the same distance and direction as the park is from the cache you picked.

Using the "find caches near here" link and repeating the above steps you are likely to find a cache that lands right in the park you want.


Its not a perfect system but it works and does not really take that long.


Another option (which I do now) is to locate the park in mapping software that gives you coords for a selected point. Use those coords for your search. I've a Garmin so I use Mapsource. But I imagine that all the GPSr software will do it.

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Using Terra server, you can zoom in on a house or road and get the co-ords by hitting the info button. Sat maps or USGS topo's available.

Terra server


Using USA photomaps free software lets you use terra server and patch together large sections of satellite or USGS Topo images.

USA photo maps


You can see the exact co-ords of places very easily with both methods above.

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Just found this too.


Microsoft bought all those terra server sat images from the Russians years ago and put it all on line for free here.

old terra server


Now it looks like someone else has a terra server web site. here.

Edit: This is a commercial map site and the images have been reduced in quality. The terraserver link above is a better choice.

new terra server


Doug Cox's USA photomaps software is able to download all those terra server small images and piece them together into large maps.


USGS topo's and sat images are both available and able to be seamed together by USA photo maps. I have used it for years along with OZI-Explorer mapping software.


USA photomaps can make big JPEG files and then those can be imported into many mapping software programs such as OZI. They are georeferenced properly by USA photo maps and so there is no nedd to georeference a map.

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The easiest way I've found to do this is to do a search of the zip code, then click MAP IT! at the top. Find the park on the map, zoom in, and select the "identify on click" option and presto! You've got a list of caches in the park with a link to their page.


Hope that helps, seems there's a lot of ways to go about it but this seems easiest :rolleyes:




edit: as a premium member you can pan and scan on the map which is helpful in finding the park easily.

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WOW! Earth Google rocks! I found the park, I found the location of our campsite. I found my old hometown. I found my inlaws area! It's just a shame it doesn't let you zoom in tighter.


Oh, and I set up a pocket query using the co-ords from Earth Google. I love this hobby! So many new and neat toys to play with!



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I just want to thank whomever it was above that suggested putting in the zip code of the area and then searching by looking at a map and seeing milage to the actual spot.


we're going ona trip across three states, and I put in the zip of a town we will be passing by on an interstate about 4 hurs into our trip, and actually dug though and found a rest stop with a cache. Hey..we have to stop and eat around that time..so we might as well cache and dash too!!

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On Earth Google, the free version, you can't zoom in real tight to see houses, etc. In the Plus version, the one you pay for, can you zoom in to see houses, etc???



It depends on the area. Many large urban areas have color photo maps that have a resolution of 1 meter per pixel. The USGA is slowly adding new areas. The rest of the continental US has b&w photo maps with a resolution of 2 meters per pixel (I think). If you are looking at an rural location, you won't be able to get as close, regardless of your version.

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I can locate my house on the free version of Google Earth. Not is real high resolution but it does show me my street and I can definitely see my house. If I try to zoom in ON the house for a real closeup the resolution goes to heck but it's pretty darn good.


I showed it to my son and put his address into the search and it centered right on his house - very recognizeable. The maps aren't super up to day since they show an orchard behind his property and the orchard was torn out last year. Can't have everything.


I REALLY wonder what it is you get with the purchased version that isn't in the free version.




Just went to look at it again and there are a bunch of samples to tell you and show you what the pay version offers. Also there are other premium things that can be purchased to add to the premium version. Amazing. Really amazing.

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Rdut and I are going to Shawnee State Park in October. I have found the zip code for the park, but obviously, the zip code is also for the area around the park. My question is:


Is there a way to pinpoint the area that you want to find caches? I would love to be able to search on "Shawnee State Park" and get all the caches that are listed for that area.



Get the coordinates for the park, and go to Hide and Seek caches and search for nearest caches to that point.

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