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Congratulations from us as well, glad to see that the ranking system is causing caching mania.


GR, you had a good run at the top (well a few days), but all good (or bad :)) things have to come to an end. I am sure we will see another Lieutenant-Colonel soon.


I just can wait for the cows and chickens to come home to roost so that we can see how the SA trip went and where the stand. Be scared Brick, be very, very scared. :)

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Congrats on another milestone, you are really making us all very jealous being able to do so much travelling. Its a dam thing when work gets in the way of caching.


Hope to see you soon.

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Don't know, all we can say is that they found the cache on part 3 farm. Which, well, is in the middle of nowhere and a week or so later we saw that they had visited Kirk Falls, which is also in the middle on nowhere (just on the other side of the country. :)

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Wow! Thanks you all so much. We are so thrilled to be here in Edinburgh visiting our children and are having a wonderful time doing caches and seeing even better sights than one normally does when visiting a country! We will be here for quite a few weeks.

But..... do keep placing those caches and doing lots of them. We will be home again soon!

Happy caching and thanks again for all the good wishes,

Vic & Gill - the Tricky Vicky & Mickey Duo!

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Congrats TVM from team Ancient Explorations on behalf of AE_James and myself. You guys are the first in what I'm sure will be a long line of South Africans finding more and more caches! We'll pray for your son in law. Edinburgh is a lovely place, I hope you bring back photos!

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