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How Far Has 'your' Wjtb Traveled?


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I'm sure that all WA geocachers have released the cool White Jeeps we got back in June into the wild, so that other cachers can take them for a drive and participate in the Jeep photo contest.


Now that a couple of months have passed - how far has yours traveled? Which Jeep has gone the furthest so far in the hands of other cachers?


'My' Jeep Spark just traveled through Iowa and is in Kentucky! 2,356 miles to date, currently in a cache, logged in today by a KY cacher named Parrothead.

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The one I started has a total of 81 miles on it. I started it at Ebey Bluffs and dropped it at Tunnel of Light. Someone picked it up there and still has it. I hope she is entering the contest. Now, the one with my name on it has 6971 miles on it. It started in Delaware went to England and then back to Maryland.

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