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What To Do When You Find Drugs?

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I remember it was about a month ago my dad, Mudge, and I were done getting my braces on so I skipped the rest of school so we could go caching and we successfully found the cache, Rails to Trails, but on the way out out we found a ziplock baggie with syringe needles, I wasn't sure what was in there and we had our bag so if it was a 'normal' junk bag we were going to throw it away but our biggest guess was that it was heroin, thank you Health class, and that wasn't the only bag there were bunches around the place, a druggie's getaway.

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This is an interesting topic and I think that you probably did the right thing but I also think it is reasonable to take the packets and turn them in to the authorities. As stated, you need to be cautious with skin contact, but I (personally) wouldn't even be too concerned about losing fingerprints. I don't know how it works in the 'States but I can't see any evidentiary value to fingerprints found on abandoned drugs in a public place. Even if you could get a print off of the baggies, without a person attached to the drugs, it doesn't prove enough to lay a charge. The print owner could just say that they too came across the drugs but left them where they found them, or even that they may have had contact with the baggies before they ever had drugs placed in them. Some officers might be curious to know who touched the bags but there is no chance that someone could be convicted of being in possesion of drugs that weren't even in their possession. All you could prove is that at some point in time, they touched the plastic that the drugs were wrapped in.. and there is no law against that.


The only thing I dissagree with is the strange assertion that you would somehow be placing yourself in legal jepardy by taking the drugs to a police officer - if you think that, you have probably watched too many silly tv shows. Police do charge people with possession but they aren't the people who walk up to them and say "here officer, I found this and want you to have it so that no kid comes accross it." ;)


- Chad

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