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Update On The South African Tb Race To Cape Town


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The Race is currently entering it's last stages and most Racing TB's should be making a move to the Final cache.


The Race rankings and Updatepage will be updated late Monday to aid weekend cachers in logging their weekend movements...


TB Stealth Racer seems to be hijacked and left the country (waiting for a reply from the last cacher picking it up).


Two TB's are in transit, two TB's reported MIA and one TB finished thus far - Dan Dolphin.


The rest are still trying to inch their ways down South.

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The update and rankings page was finally updated....no changes in the rankings, the stats are deteriorating and the TB's are going missing or sitting in transit, viewing the Cape peninsula from an airplane seat, but alas no caches visited.


I suspect that another TB has gone AWOL, to Canada!! If this is true, it will surely cost a podium seat!


If any cacher can help these tB's along, even if it is just another cache to visit, help them along.


Current status:


TB Current position

TUFULA In transit - GlobalRat

Stealth Racer In transit - kokoscoot - possibly left the SA borders

Paper Kings Stuck in Stainbank

Star Light Stuck in Words don't come easy

The Globe Trotter MIA - picked up without being logged out / stolen

Dan Dolphin Sipping marqueritas in ? - completedtheracealong timeago

Voice Of Africa In transit - GlobalRat

Earth Watcher MIA - picked without being logged out / stolen

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GlobalRat is now in possession of three racing TB's...we hope to see them set foot in CPT very soon!


TB Stealth Racer is in the possesion of an unknown SA cacher....


That means there is 4 TB's in transit, two MIA, one TB stranded in Stainbank cache (come on KZN cachers - Rescue this TB and help him along, the owner is one of us!) and one finished in style more than a month ago!

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4 Racing competitors made it to the fairest Cape, and the Race Rankings changed considerably. Only 1 TB is still battling to make its way down to the Cape, besides the 2 that is MIA...


Full update on the update page....


The Capetonian based cachers are now in control of the outcome of The Race and a really interesting time is lying ahead in the history of The 1st Race....

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With the exception of the 2 MIA TB's, all competitors have made it to The Fairest Cape. The last TB to reach the tip of Africa is Paper Kings, who was promptly picked up by another cacher!


The Race is any TB's now and basicallydependant on local cachers to move around CPT and get the numbers right....Heard some rumours of hijacking...


Will update the rankings page later today - keep a look out for the change in rankings!

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The Race is any TB's now and basicallydependant on local cachers to move around CPT and get the numbers right....Heard some rumours of hijacking...


I have not heard anything about or against and also haven't read anything about bribes. That it is illigel that is. :lol:


I will be in Cape Town during December for holidays and is willing to buy beers (or other refeshments) for those cachers willing to get my stats up. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink :(

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I have grabbed all the travel bugs from noon gun, and have decided to let the bug owners have more control of the race.

I will be willing to drop each travel bug in a cache of the bug owners choice (including Table mountain 2).

It is thus up to the bug owners to try and guess what cache will result in their TB being moved on again quickest.

How quickly I drop the bugs there also depend on your choice of cache. If you choose a cache that is a bit far away from me for my liking, or perhaps too much of a long and strenuous hike, it might be a while before I can get there, but if you choose one that is real close and quick and easy, I can have it dropped there ASAP.


As mentioned by Whostops already, i have been "bribed" to take tufula to TM2 - The question is - Does Whostops have enough confidence in his lead to send Tufula there right away, knowing that Warthog will be down in December, and will doubtless make the long slog to TM to help his bug get to the end.


Please don't place your answers on this forum, but rather email me the name of the cache you want your TB to be dropped off at.


The TBs I have currently are:

Tufula, Voice of Africa and Star Light


Good Luck to everyone!!!

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No action here....for the second week now....


TB Stealth Racer was logged into a cache, but when Discombob went to pick it up it was not there...seems like it never was. Would really be a pity if this TB also went missing and that 6km from the end! (Contacted the last cacher to find out what is going on here...).

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TB Paper Kings has moved up one position to 7th, and is gaining ground following his slow travel earlier in the year! One cacher is holding 4 racing TB's, with the outcome of The Race firmly in his hands!


The stats are really interesting: have a look at it on the update page! (find a link at the top of this thread).


2 TB's are still MIA, and TB Stealth Racer cannot seem to make it to the next cache....will have to report MIA if this TB does not show up soon). This would really be a pity as he was soooooo close to the finish!


Any TB that finishes now will kick TB Dan Dolphin, who is currently on holiday after finishing The Race in a record time, from the 1st position!


All partiipants are eagerly waiting to see who is finishing / getting the numbers up next!

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