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Panowege Kids Cache Coin Pre-ordering

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I am receiving the metal coins on Tuesday and will post some photos. We ended up ordering silver and gold coins to give everyone an option on what color (or both?) they wanted to buy. The wooden nickels are in the works and seem to be slower than the metal ones! We will post some photos this week and get the ordering information out there.

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(Numbers on the back used to find special PaNoWeGe Kids Caches have been crossed out on the photo. This isn't a really good photo of the coins! They look great!)


We have the coins in hand and ready to start to send them out for everyone that preordered them! We also ordered some extra coins for others that did not preorder them. We will let everyone know when the extra supply has dried up!


The metal coins are $6.25 each shipped. The wooden ones are $0.35 each shipped when ordering with a metal coin. We have the metal coins in hand and hope to have the wooden ones ready for shipping by the end of the week. The design is a little different on the wooden nickels but contains the same information. If you are just ordering wooden nickels add $2 for shipping.


Please paypal to andreagerth@hotmail.com or send a check/mo to:


Andrea Gerth

9707 117th PL NE

Kirkland, WA 98033


Please include your caching name and number of coins including silver or gold.

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