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Making A Tb


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I am something of an artist and have been in a really creative groove lately and am starting to get into molds and resins and possibly metal.


So it struck me that I could VERY easily make a little bug with a hole through it and turn the master into a mold and very easily make a bunch of these that could be engraved with a number even.


It sounds like fun to me at any rate but wasn't really sure that's something that could be done. But I think I could easily make really strong little bugs that would it into even micros (though not sure the tags would fit LOL), and heck I could make teeeeeeeeny ones for nanos though I doubt those would be trackable,,,more like a little surprise.


But I am also very new (3 days now I think it is LOL) so I don't really quite fully know what is acceptable or not, or what a cacher can do or shouldn't do, though I am reading the heck out of the forums and trying to learn.


And if this is a topic already on the boards that I totally missed would you be kind enough to throw the link to that thread in so I can read the info held there?


Thanks for any feedback, input, or fingers pointing me in the right direcion! ;)

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Travel bugs travel with tag numbers, which are trackable through Geocaching.com. Only travel bugs and certain geocoins are trackable through gc.com. You can purchase and attach the travel bug tag to your creation. You can also purchase the tag, and engrave the number on your creation, and send it off that way, but I think cachers will not notice it as a travel bug and might just trade for it, stopping it dead in its tracks. You cannot make up your own number and send it on expecting it to be tracked. It doesn't work that way. Travel Bug tags can be purchased here.

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Oh, and one more thing! A lot of people make their own signature items to be used as trade items. This sounds more like what you would be making, and you could send one or some out as TBs too.

Search "signature items" in the forums. Use the My Assistant feature up top, when logged in.

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Ahhh thank you for the replies about tracking numbers. I wasn;t fully sure how that worked.


I think I'm thinking of them being more like something folks could use to attach a travel bug to. I don't think I'd charge for them, mostly cuz I just think it would be a fun project and kinda interesting to see where they wnd up at, wouldn't care all that much if folks kept them lol, just thought it might be nice to make a bug object that could fit into a micro, maybe start mirco bug caches or something. Logs are cool, but yanno finding a bug in them would make them that much more appealing to some maybe.


Then again I have yet to discover my first cache, this idea just struck a creative chord in me, and I figured I'd see what folks thought, maybe it is best to wait til I've found a new. lol


But the thought of mailing a bunch all over the place to folks to plant with travel bug tags just seemed like it would be cool even if a bunch went MIA. hehehe!


Edit: I can't spell!

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