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Ladycacher's Coin


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yes a reply like you insert your coin image or other pictures in the replies, not a link but a picture

The image has to already be on geocaching.com - like a photo you added to a cache log. Go view the photo to see its URL. Then use the IMG tag to insert the photo's URL into your message.

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Here is a complete list:




Bluegillfisherman-1 (got you trade)


2Bugs-1 (got your trade)



CavScout-1 (got your trade)



Cool Group-33

Dhobby1-2 (got your trade)


Dliming-1 (got your trade)

Donbadabon-2 (got your trade)


Facedances-1 (got your trade)



Globalgirl-1 (got your trade)

Goblindust-1 (got your trade)

Go Jaybee-2 (got half your trade)




Jeeptoysrus-1 (got your trade)






LightningJeff-1 (got your trade)

Mauison-1 (got your trade)



MrCogeo-1 (got your trade)

MrsquaredD-1 (got your trade)


NightStalker-1 (got your trade)

Nursedave-1 (got your trade)

Pdxmarathonman-1 (got your trade)

Pepper-1 (got your trade)

Pghlooking-1 (got your trade)

RayandRose-1 (got your trade)



Sgt Stitches-1






Team Hatfield-2

Team Nazgul-1

Team Shydog-1




Willcall-1 (got your trade)




I have addresses with names, but they did not have the geocache name with the payment/trade. Please email me and let me know if your name should be on this list.

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Just wonderin' if there is any news...

Here is the news:


There was a minor set back on my part and with my family being in both

Hurricane(s). I was supposed to get them this week but working for next. I am sorry for the slight delay, but I am sure everybody understands. I will post when they get here, then again when they get shipped.


I would also like to thank everybody for their emails and kind words. It means alot and really defines the geocaching family. I am happy to report that my mother and brother in LA are fine and my brother in Mobile is also doing ok.

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I would also like to thank everybody for their emails and kind words.  It means alot and really defines the geocaching family.  I am happy to report that my mother and brother in LA are fine and my brother in Mobile is also doing ok.

Good things take time! (and I should know...mine took more than 6 weeks!)


Glad all is well with the family and other peripheral issues. I don't mind the wait - but your kids probably are dying for their coins!



October 1, 2005 @ 1:28 AM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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What? A little windy weather and I have to wait for my coins... :P


Seriously, I knew lots of folks were affected, I didn't realize your family was one of the unlucky (and lucky) ones. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well.


First things first. I guess I can wait a little longer up here in non-hurricane country! As long as the ground doesn't start shaking I'll be just fine.

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I sent you an email looking for an update but didn't know about your experiences - sorry!


Glad to hear everybody's OK - no worries on the wait.

Me, either. I sent an email inquiring a couple days ago, but hadn't checked in here. Sorry to hear you were impacted by the hurricanes, but glad to know your family's all OK. Coins, schmoins....we can wait. Like pdx said, good thing take time. And family comes first! Take care.

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All Coins were mailed out today.  If you do not recieve your coin by November 4th, let me know.




Does that include me too? Mine won't be in till around 11/1. So if you didn't mail mine, feel free to wait till then if ya want.

I mailed yours and everybody that I am still expecting a coin from (although I took down what's coming from who and around when-I know where you live :( if I don't get my coin :( ). LOL! I still have a few to get out, and those will get done tomorrow.

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Yippity-skippity - the luscious Ladycacher dubloon arrived on today's snail. Purely lovely - the brushed silver (pewter?) ever so detailed (right down to the bitsy "CACHE ACROSS TEXAS") the the demure bit of color of the 3 hikers adds just the right pizazz.


I'm curious as to the significance of the various icons - the trees, the footprint?, etc.


I'm also esepcially smitten with the tagline: "PURE ADDICTION" - my sentiments exactly! :unsure:


Thanks for the trade!

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