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A Small Event


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There has been alot of talk about event caches, but nothing has happened. I was thinking, and wanted to get other oppinions, about having a get together at a pub in Pretoria or Joburg on a Friday or Saturday, so that people can get to meet and swap bugs and tell stories. I think this could be the first step to starting up some event caches. All the geocachers I've met are really nice people and it will be way better talking that typing.

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I intend doing the Pretoria 10 (10 caches I have selected in and around Pta) on Friday, 19 August. That is , if my work will allow me off, but at this stage it is all go!!!


I am more than willing to meet up at one of your favourite Pta drinking holes on Friday, 19 August for a chat. (and beers of course).

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Maybe we shouldn't talk dates yet, cuz I know I already made promises for the 19th. Still, depending on the time maybe I can make it. Anyway, this is a good sign that there are people who are interested. I say if there are more people keen for the 19th of August then you should all go ahead. I'll ask around more. I recon this is one of those things that will only happen if people do it and stop talking about it.


If anyone else is interested please let us know.

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The next question is, should we make it an event cache?

I think we could give the coordinates of a pub and that would be all we'd need to do.


According to the guidelines:

"Event caches should be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the date of the event." Which unfortunatly means no event cache for the 19th.


Anyway, we'll see how this goes. If people agree with me then we'll make an event cache for sometime near the end of this month. I bet if we set it up there will be at least 6 cachers that would come, no matter if it's in Jo'burg or Pta.

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Great response so far. Let me know if anyone has any ideas of a good place to have this. I was thinking the Keg in Brooklyn, but there are often lots of kids pretending to be adults there. Let me know if you have any ideas.


Other cachers from other provinces are welcome to share ideas. Maybe someone in KZN can set up an event cache there.


Will be away from my PC for awhile, but keep the comments comming in. I'll set the event up when I come back, unless someone beats me to it.

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Sounds like a plan. Will be there. If we are making this on a weekend why don't you choose a spot that is close to some PTA caches so that we can visit a few before the event.


But as warthog said name the place and the time and one part of QFC will be there.

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I'm back and in da house so let's get this thing going! Thanks Noddy for the link.


Here is a list of who's comming so far. Please let me know if I have the wrong numbers:

- GlobalRat

- GeoPoppit

- Brick x5

- cache-fan

- Inspector Gadget 79

- AE_Rodney


I'd like to have a confirmed number before the 1st of September so I can book a table, cuz it looks like it's gonna be a beeeg one. Also, if anyone can donate name tags it might be worthwhile. If you have any questions or ideas let me know!


It's gonna be fun!

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