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Stargate Cache In Africa?


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The Stargate Network TB Cache is a serie of geocache around the world where TB can go in order to "transport" to any of the other cache of the network. This way, a TB from Australia can end of in Alaska via Holland...


We basically do this out of fun; trying to help TB move around more quickly. I am the owner of the Dutch Stargate Cache and I am trying to spread the network a bit further. Since there are no one yet having a Stargate Cache in Africa... I was curious to know if anyone would like to create one?


At a glance: the tasks are very simple: you might receive TB's from anywhere (my normail mail) and have to drop them in any cache in Africa and if you receive a TB in your Stargate Cache, you need to send it throught the network.


Some of the things to consider are:

-Be ready release quickly the TB's arriving by mail in the local geocaching network (any caches)

-Be prepare to mail (per post) the TB's destined to the network (including some postal costs)

-Be dedicated and interested in TB's!


Although it's hard to give an estimation of the frequency, my experience is about 1 TB placed in my Stargate Cache per month and about 2 received by mail.


Anyway, if anyone is interested, send me a message for more information. (my username is slurpey



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