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Podcacher Travel Bug


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Ok, anyone in San Diego area I need your help. Everyone else come along and join the fun. I like podcasting also, which is individuals that have special interested doing their own "radio" type talk shows and posting them online so they get automatically updated to an mp3 player.


I found one yesterday by a geocaching husband and wife team. (she has even hinted that her best find in a geocache was a engagement ring). Anyway one one of their episodes they made a plea for more listeners. I came up with the idea of sending the audio out on cd as a travel bug and head it in their direction and get in into the hands of someone that would create a "challenging cache" for them to find it in. I am not in the area to know or meet anyone that would be interested in participating in this portion of the fun. I would like to see if anyone on this forum would be such an individual or would know someone.


The travel bug page is http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=169244


Everyone else come take a look also and listen into a lot of fun and spread the word.





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