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New Maps For Canada


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I agree that it is better than before.


But not much when you compare it to what the Americans have.


The interesting thing to me is that I have placed a link to a different map site all together on my caches.


Near the bottom of my cache (now Archived)

Quasy Cache 01 - Jackson's Flats


After seeing the version of the maps GC.com made available, you might want to see this map instead that I link on the Cache page itself.


The new Geocaching map is at

What the map of my cache looks like to GC.com


Compared to what I can provide with a little effort

A Better map that is FREE


Sure I had to add the link myself, but I think it is worth it.


<_< The Blue Quasar


After reviewing them closer.....


GC.com shows the near by caches, my link does not

GC.com shows some of the near by caches in the middle of a lake, which they are not.

GC.com shows some line that might be a road, my link shows the names of the roads and type of road.

GC.com not all roads, in fact most roads are not shown.

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OUCH!!!! We waited for this? Did we hire a bunch of Grade 3's with a box of Crayolas to make these maps ? (My apologies to Crayola) Thanks for the maps but I think I will stick to using GSAK and exporting the cache list to Mapsource or Streets and Trips at least they know where Mississauga is. I must have missed the note when it was moved between Smithville and Beamsville from the GTA.


I honestly appreciate the effort of adding the Canadian maps but with all the fanfare and hoopla we have had leading up to this, I thought I heard an entire brass section playing but it turned out to be just one lonely kazoo. <_<

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Well I guess it's better than a big grey blob for the rest of the world and for the odd time I use the gc map feature (to find archived caches for example) it is marginally better but I agree with the above posters that I'll stick to my other mapping solutions. When you live on the border like I do the comparison is quite startling - the US continues to improve with more zooming - for Canada that's it. And at the seam - the St Clair River has developed a new island, several of my caches have finished up under water, and I'm going to have to research some of C-A's vintage maps to see if that rail line ever existed:



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Compared to what I can provide with a little effort

A Better map that is FREE

Now that is an interesting link - I will have to check it out.


I usually just hit the Google or Microsoft map links on the cache page. The only thing I use the gc.com maps for are 'overview' maps with the caches listed on them, but these days that job goes to GSAK and Mapsend (or Google Earth when I'm feeling spunky).


So far the gc.com map upgrades make me think of Magellan's basemap coverage of Canada on my eXplorist - nice try but not very useful for anything short of figuring out how close you are to one of the great lakes....

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