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First Stage Of Puzzle Or Last Need To Be W/in 528'

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As I understand it, for a puzzle cache, if the first waypoint is just a place to park or to show the general location of the cache and the real coordinates are solved for and lead to a cache more than 528' away from any other caches - you are OK. It's a guideline and might be questioned by an approver, but if the situation is explained and there is a good reason why the first coordinates were chosen (turnout on the side of a mountain road) and can't really be moved elswhere then it would likely be blessed.

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in night caches there are some caches that you follow refectors to the cache is there any rules about something like that

The beginning of the trail, where the finder's flashlight catches the first reflector, is a relevant waypoint that ought to be 528 feet distant from existing caches or stages of existing caches. But I don't know of anyone who's provided coordinates for every reflector tack along their trail! Probably you could just provide the starting point coordinates and the coordinates for the cache container at the end.


Just steer clear of existing caches, generally, so as not to crowd them. That is one of the reasons for the cache saturation rule. Night caches work best anyways when they are far out of the way of regular traffic, like what you'd get in a park that already had lots of geocaches. Muggles often see the reflectors and remove them.

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