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the way you all are going on about this I would be some kind of super hero if I pulled this off and if not would be hunted down. I would not put this much work in to something with out picking some very good sopts and clever ways to make sure that all 51 stay up for as long as I could


would any one like to fix this one for me :lol:

You know, I can't help but think that when people offer you useful, constructive advice, you simply decide you really don't want to listen to it.


What people have told you is that coming up with 51 quality caches and maintaining them is a major undertaking. Nobody said you shouldn't. Nobody said you were not capable of doing it. Pretty much what everybody has said so far is that you should progress slowly and make sure that your initial efforts are well-received and will last.


Don't run out and place 51 caches. Go ahead and find 51 locations for caches if you wish, but then pick 3 or 4 or 5 of those and make them the best they can be. Get feedback from people, see what kind of problems you run into, and learn some lessons from them.


The first five you do -- and then the next five after that -- and then the next five after that -- can be, if you plan things out carefully, the foundation for an awesome 51-stage multi.


All people are trying to tell you is that if you try to put out the whole 51-cache project at one time, or in a very short period of time, you're more likely to have problems than to have everything run smoothly.


Listen to these people. They have thousands of cache finds in their background, and hundreds (if not thousands) of cache hides. They are trying to help you.


Except possibly for one poster, whose role here seems to be that of a troll. :mad:

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A nice multicache based on a "Clue" mystery game is hereby contributed as yet another on-topic contribution to the examples of caches that might help the OP's thinking. It's self-contained in one park, with thirteen stages, which seems to be about the tolerable limit for even a well-done multi, according to the finders' logs.


I have this cache bookmarked also because it is the ONLY example of a cache with background music that I actually enjoyed.

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