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sure. but it always has. it's about 35 mi. to the nearest caches, except for 1 micro that I'll get when I'm over that way.... but it's closer to 50 miles to any significant caching - it's always been that way for me. End result is that I "make a day of it," and never do the "grab two on the way home" thing.

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We just think about it more, but it hasn't stopped us. In fact, gas prices in South Jersey (where there are many fabulous caches), are about $2.14 a gallon, and here in Trenton, they are as much as $2.45. It pays to go down there to cache! :D



That's exactly why I went Caching in Iowa (25 miles) yesterday. Their gas is consistently $0.15 less than Illinois.


Plus, yesterday Iowa had a "Back to school, no sales tax holiday" so I was able to get the kids some clothes for school and save another 7%.


The way I see it, I could make money by geocaching!

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No. However when it hits approximately $5.50/gal it will begin to hurt just a tad. :D That's when we purchase one of them fuel efficient Honda thangies. :huh: Up until then it remains the '98 Buehick Cachemobile with the sun roof, a/c, leather seats, premium sound system, you know...all the creature comforts. :lol: You'd be quite surprised I am sure to learn how well the ole Cachemobile takes to dirt roads..........beautiful. :cry: We have yet to determine how to turn a profit on the enterprise though. Will continue to monitor for creative ideas. :D

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Not really. I often use a mountain bike to get to most of the ones around me. For the ones further out, I try select ones that are relatively close in proximity. I also don't try to hurry to the next cache. Lately I have hit two to three per day. I guess I'm not one that is out to see how many I can score in the shortest amount of time.

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Has the current gas prices Affected the way you Cache and if so How much??

Other than saying "Ouch" a little louder when filling up, no.


I'm a little more aware of how much caching costs in terms of fuel (my truck gets 16mgp highway and I've found nearly every cache in a 20m radius of home) but for me I'm still getting value for my dollar. Caching is still cheaper than a lot of other hobbies and much better for me (exercise, etc.) than either sitting at home in front of the computer or TV or sitting at BW3s eating wings and drinking beer (though I still do that once a week.)

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I shop at a grocery store chain that offers ten cents per gallon off their store-brand gas for every $50 that I spend at the grocery store. As a result, I buy *everything* at this store that I possibly can -- prescription drugs, cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations and everything else, in addition to groceries. Then I wait until my tank is running on fumes, and I fill up at their gas pumps on the way to or from work.


Earlier this week, I paid $1.59 per gallon for premium unleaded. :mad:

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Nope, not yet. Probably not in the forseeable future either. Of course I don't cache so much that it adds a huge amount of milage to my everyday driving anyway. I tend to go in spurts, or cache when I go someplace. Caching tends to sort of be a part of my life rather than an activity unto itself.

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Most of the time we combine Caching with other activities that we enjoy. So, for instance, if my wife wants to take some pictures we will select an area with sceanery and a few caches. Or if we want to go hiking we look for a cache in a new area with a hike involved.

Have gas prices affected how we live? Not that much.

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