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Champion Cachers


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Tricky Vicky and Mickey, you have a long way to go!




how depressing! that means that we have an even longer way to go... :D


i'm consoling myself with the fact that they're probably a company of hundreds, with an average - per person - find of oh, let's make it 200 so that we're still in there with a fighting chance :lol:

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To just put this in a different light, this cacher has been active for 1535 days (since 26 May 2001) and the average no of cahces per day EVERY day, until now is a just over 7 a day.


I think, we are lucky if we average 7 per week or even 7 per month.


It just means we have to hide more to find more. I will be hiding a few tomorrow, just to get our stats up again!!!

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