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Mapsource 6.7 "find" Error??

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I was using the 6.6.2 beta version of MapSource since it got released and have had no problems with it.


I saw that Garmin released MapSource 6.7 on Aug 2, 2005 and I downloaded and installed it today. OS is Windows XP Home. When I do a "Find -> Find Places..." menu command it ALWAYS crashes with an application error AFTER I enter the find options and click "Find," no matter whether I choose "City," "Feature," "Address," or "Intersection.". When I try the "Find -> Find Nearest Places..." menu command, it appears to work (but of course I can't find an address). I even tried uploading the nRoute software to experiment with that. I get the same results for each of the Find menu options as I do in MapSource.


Is anybody else experiencing this problem?


I tried calling Garmin's Tech Support today, but with a 40 minute wait time, I gave up.

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I was able to blank out the COUNTRY value and everything seems to work now....

It's not working right if it will crash with a country as a filter... Mine is crashing too, however I'm glad you pointed out removing the country field was a temp "fix" to this problem...

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