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Fake Rocks


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I saw those a few months back at Superstore in the spring but they wanted $19.00 at the time. I picked one up, and almost started walking to the till. Changed my mind after reconsidering the price. I think they would make a cool cache hide! I might go grab one and then hide it on the river!


I can see the hint on the cache page now.....It is amonst the rocks ;)

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Well, certainly a better price than the $25CDN that the official geocaching.com micros command here. Plus shipping.


Mind you, I like these micro stones. I'm curious about how weather-proof the superstore rocks are? I've had plenty of fake rocks and garden stepping stones *literally* disintegrate in my garden after one season. Nothing left but a chalky powder - now that would be one painful cache maintenance (new container AND having to shopvac the woods... ) :mad:

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I'm a bit familliar with the fake rock cache. I have one! :laughing:

Tidalflame knows about it! ;)

I found my rocks on ebay. $14US for 3.

I'm writing a segment on urban camo caching for episode 5. Stay tuned!

To see the rocks -WARNING SPOILER!!!- click here.


Heh, I was thinking "What fake rock cache?" until I looked at the photo, at which point I immediately knew which one you were talking about. It was a fun cache. The GPS wasn't working so well, so we were climbing all over the big wheel thinking it might be hidden on that!

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