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Mapping Question

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I am wondering if there is "an easy way" to get a map with markers on it for each geocache I have found.


I have seen what looks like google maps with multiple markers THAT I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DO! Looking around a bit I am inclined to think I need to use the google maps API. I looked at this a bit and get the feeling this is more than what I want to have to do (host a free access web page, write some code to present the maps, etc.). Am I thinking it is harder than it actually is? I know a bit about computers but I am not a programmer. I would consider myself a high level user.


I used to use the mapping feature on keenspeople but it has been out of working order for quite some time now.


I also don't want to have to buy any more software.


Am I out of luck on this one?

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