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A progress report for those interested... we are presenting 3 designs to the MnGCA board, and from there the membership will vote on the winning design. After that we hammer down the minter take the orders and have the coins made. Thanks for all of the interest... keep an eye out for a new thread announcing the sale of the coin and details on how to order. In the mean time it isn't necessary to continue to express your interest. We were trying to guage the marketability of it outside of Minnesota. Again keep an eye out for ordering details in the next 60 days or so (just a guess)

A minimum of 3 months just to get to the ordering stage?

Let's see 2 people are travelling out of country for work, one of us shoots sports for a living and now the NFL is in full swing with the NHL and NBA right behind it, one committee member is a full time commercial pilot and is on the road quite a bit... and that's 4 of the 6 people... so you'll just have to bear with the fact that we all have full time jobs and this is a hobby.

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just my own thought, some coins go so fast in production , and others don't. i guess i understand that.

That's because some people work for a living while others just work on their organization's coins at work, like me right now...






Did I type that outloud?


Move along, nothing to see here! :)


(Yes, boss, I'm working on that right now!)

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lol....since you've said you aren't interested in having ordering input any longer, and you'll open a different thread for the ordering.....perhaps you might wanna lock this thread so folks won't continue to submit coin orders?


Some folks read the thread before posting, and some just post. :)


Goes back to lurking....... :lol:

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