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Personal Geocoin Sources


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I used coinsandpins.com for my personal coin, based on reviews I read in the forums. Highly recommended.


Search for posts with their name in it, and you will see glowing reviews. Very fast service, very good work, and unlike some other services, they don't delay your coin because a higher price order has come in.

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Here is a list of who I am talking with:

Highland Mint


Coins For Anything


Coins and Pins


KV Coins




That should get you started.....


I will say out of all of those Coins for Anything has given me THE BEST service. They have returned emails quick, they have great prices, and it feels like they are just working on my coin and nobody else's. I am VERY impressed!

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The Maryland coin is being done by Coins for Anything. While I have not gotten the finished product they have been excellent to work with. E mail is returned promptly and they beat every time estimate they have given.We chose them partially because they are located nearby and the prices were very competitive. I know the Georgia coin was produced by them as well.

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