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Sportrak Firmwar 5.34

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Hi all. On a whim I was comparing the firmware versions in my SporTrak devices to the current versions on the Magellan site. My devices are:


ST Map - 5.00 dated 9/3/03

ST Topo - 5.01 dated 10/14/03


The current published version for both is 5.34


Does anyone have any experince with this version or now what the changes are? I can't find the changes/enhancements published on Magellan's site?



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In my experience, sportrak Map with the 5.34 installed, I now get to wait anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes for an EPE of less than 60 feet. It also takes about 5 minutes to "remember" where it is, even after being shut off and restarted in less than 24 hours.


I wouldn't change OS unless there was a pressing need to do so, and by that I do NOT mean the tripe on the Magellan website.

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Im going to go out into the open area, and try to see how long it takes to lock in with a good EPE, since the SporTrak Color hasn't been used in awhile, then im going to post to this post here the results.


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Ok, it took about a minute, from power on, to 4 satellites, and got only 46 foot EPE, due to not much open area, and the arangement of the satellites.



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Hmm. Interesting.


What prompted me to check out the firmware (wish Magellan documented what they were changing) was that my ST Map has recently (in the past couple of weeks), which has always been dead-on reliable, has started reading anywhere from 30-100 ft off. I can be standing right at the cache and it'll be telling me to go 100' away while my Topo has me very close if not right there. At any given time the two devices will be anywhere from 20-60' off from each other.


While at a distance the difference between the 2 can be accommodated and compensated for but once you start getting close it becomes quite problematic which one to trust and your geo-sense better be cranked up. Going out at lunch with my trusty old STMap is not such a sure thing any more!


So, I thought about a firmware upgrade. But of course, these 2 devices are pretty darn close to each other in versions so I'm not at all close to convinced that's the solution, though there may be other reasons for doing it (or not). Perhaps the Map just need a lobotomy - clear the memory and completely reinit the thing like the Magellan FAQ suggests for some other flaky problems?


Thanks to everyone for their input so far!

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I would go a step further than that. If you're not using MapSend DirectRoute, I'd DOWNGRADE to a version 4.x firmware. If you can find it.

I second this one- we had only had our STP for about a week before I decided (like any good geek) to download the latest fimware. Big mistake. Immediately noticed a lag time aquiring sats, less birds locked in, and an occasional unsoliceted reboot. Downgraded and everything went away. I'd just reinstall whatever version you're running now in case there was some kind of corrupted file.



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