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Insta-notify Issue

the hermit crabs

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I posted this in the "Notification Service (beta)" thread, but it may have gotten lost in the general discussion of what a cool feature the insta-notify is. The same thing just happened again today -- we got a temporary-disable notification on a cache that has not yet been listed; it included issues that the reviewer has with the cache placement.


I really like the notification of newly-published caches, and the enable/disable notices on previously-published caches, but would there be a way to not send the enable/disable notifications for caches that have not yet been published? I feel like I'm reading someone else's mail when I get these :rolleyes:

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The volunteer reviewers became aware of this over the weekend when working with new cache submissions. We brought it to Groundspeak's attention in our separate forum, and I do hope that this bug will be worked out. Unfortunately, with many dozens of reviewers scattered around the globe, not everyone read those messages, so some reviewers may still be using the "temporarily disable" option when dealing with new cache submissions. Thank you to everyone who brought this matter to light, and sorry for any confusion.

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This issue seems like it may be worse now: I still get lots of notifications of enables and disables on unpublished caches, but in the last few days there have been some newly-published caches within my specified mileage range that I did not get a "published" notification for.


Is anyone else seeing this?


(edit: regarding the missing notifications, it's almost as if it doesn't recognize that I changed the mileage range after initially setting up the notifies. I think I initially had it at just 10 miles, then later I increased it. The one new-listing notify that I have received was within that 10-mile range; there have been at least two others that were within the larger range, after I made the range larger, that I did not get notifications for.)

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This is not a bug report, but an enhancement suggestion. On electronic devices like pagers, text that can be received is limited in length. Can the coords for the cache be moved near the top of the notification, say following the distance and before the name of the logging Geocacher?

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