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Been There, Done That ...... Still Need More Crack

Team Redleg

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A few members of Team Redleg and their families are planning to do the Crack of the Gods again. We figured why not make it an event cache again like Cowboy Bebop did and invite everyone along.


We will get the event officially listed in a week or so after we iron out a few of the details and get some feedback from everyone.


There will be plenty of light after the cache and the weather should be good so we were thinking of geo-tailgating at the parking area. BBQ a few burgers, dogs, brauts and down a few cold pops (barley pops may be sighted in the area too). Everyone could bring their geo-bling-bling, Jeep TB’s, TB’s, geocoins and do some trading and swapping of items.


Here's the down and dirty on the event so far.


Start time: 08:00 on 24 SEP 05


Meeting place: Parking grid coordinates for Crack of the Gods (GCKZM8) and then up, up, up to the cache site.


Who: Any and all cachers are welcome to join. As they say misery loves company.


Let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions let’s hear them. See everyone at the Crack.


Team Redleg

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Rumor mill has it that many people plan to attend the event. Please either email me or post on the event page if you plan to attend the event. The team needs to start making preperations for the area and we need a rough head count on the attendees.


Thanks in advance and see everyone up there.


Palm Grunt

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