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I Found A Cache That Is Not Listed":

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We were looking for another cache today and accidently found another one. The one we found is 300 or 400 feet from where the first was supposed to be and it does not show up on the GeoCaching website. It is marked and labeled like any other cache that I've seen, though. It is called "Ghosts of the US Army".


My coordinates were 43 28.098 x 76 30.363 in Oswego, NY.


Any suggestions?

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Maybe it was placed not to long ago. The owner may just be waiting for it to be approved and listed. But I will say its strange that its not listed. Does the cache seem to be new (clean, Empty log book)? Please let us know what you find out. You have caught my attention.

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not a terracache or navicache geocache...maybe one of the other listing services...


It also could be a private cache, listed by an individual or a local org...there is geocaching beyond gc.com :blink:



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Thanks for all the replies! I'm sorry that I didn't check back sooner.


There was one other person who had signed the log (on May 24, I believe). We did sign the log.


The box very clearly had Geocaching.com written on it. I'm pretty sure that it is not the letterbox in the cemetery by Rte. 57. It was in a tiny cemetery by the river.


Thanks again for all the ideas.

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