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60cs - Is It That Good?

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I love my 60CS. I've been caching for 2 years and have had 3 GPS units (1 Legend, 1 SporTrak color, not in that order :laughing: ) I've had the 60CS since it came out, roughly a year and a half ago. That should tell you something about it!


My buttons have the little coating rubbed off as well which is no big deal but what the heck did you do to yours to make the button rip out?


You may want to look into the GC.com lanyard when you get it back from repair.



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Those GPS units are made of soft plastic, which will break easily.


My 60C has never had any problems except for the soft clear plastic window that gets gashes easily.


Had my 60C since it came out, and Ive been carefull with it, and never broke it yet.

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I'll need a thousand words to go along with that picture. I can't just simply assume that 60 got into that condition under normal usage.


Maybe it was an example of what happens when you leave your 60 in a pottery kiln, then drop it into a rock tumbler. Hard to say.

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The GPS units in the original post probably were ripped right off the Belt holder when the GPS units got snaged on something, which is especially true if the thumb screw was on a little bit too tight. A person could easily weigh 180 pounds, and when a person falls, or looses balance, and the GPS gets snagged on something, I can see a GPS getting torn apart.


Here is one thing that would work real good:

Somehow secure 2 ropes to the GPS unit, and one end to your car, and the other end to a tree, then floor the accelerator, then pieces everywhere.


- - - - - -


BlueDeuce, you can check this link out, and it relates to your avatar there.

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I have a 60CS but after finding these, I am not happy:

What's the point of posting these, completely out of context? Is there a story behind these pictures? If so, why wasn't it included?

So a guy walked into a bar....

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Man, am I happy that I ordered a Vista-C instead ....


Jan (not smiling on purpose)

The Vista C is much better than the old vista, with better reception.


The map60C is still a good GPS, and I do not use the little button thing on the back except for in the plastic holder on the dashboard of the car. What I do instead of using the belt clip, which is not so good, I use a padded Garmin GPS case for it, and my GPS still looks like new after all these months of sometimes heavy use. The Beltclip thing is a big BAD idea. Lots of lost and broken GPS units and Cellphones because of those beltclips. I have the same beltclip and knob thing for the nokia cellphone, but I always kept the cellphone in my jean's pocket, and it still looks like new after 2 years of use. The big thing about the stupid Beltclips for GPS 60C/CS and Cellphones etc, is that creates bussiness for the companies to sell you a new or an expensive repair.


Moral of the Story: Use the padded Garmin case to protect your investment, and it can be looped around the belt without worry about damage, unless you fall on some rocks, and thats a big OUCH, unless the GPS does help to break your fall, by itself breaking up into pieces.

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