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Caching This Saturday


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I know you could go diving for the radio then make a TB out of it. ;) You could call it curse of LandRover, it seams I'm always there, of course it seams you're always there too.

If I still had my tank and regulator, I WOULD go diving to get it. :anibad:


I'd ask my brother, but he would want to charge me to do it. I might be able to talk Recdiver into doing it, but I'm sure T2A would veto it. B)


As for that 'always there' stuff...I was even in a different vehicle this time...but as long as we're only doing it to ourselves (or each other) maybe people will still let us go with them... :rolleyes:

Yea but since there is a scuba cache just a few tenths down the road you may be able to get it at the same time someone does that cache.

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