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Kids Geocoin


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My 9yo son wants to design and sell a kids coin. Ideas so far include a young boy and girl hiking with a dog on the front. Lettering could include Pacific NW Kids GeoCache Club or something like that. On the back I would want to show them dancing around an ammo can with "We found it! "


Other thoughts include making it as colorful as possible so the kids will be attracted to it and proud to show their friends.



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My boys bring their own items to trade a like pavlov's dogs, search out sig items and such. I think the wooden nickel idea is a really cool one. So they can get a bunch to carry around. One that's just for kids but not NW would be really popular I think. I don't want to rip off your idea, so maybe you would think about that too.

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Great ideas!


How about a real metal coin and then produce some wood nickles on the side with the same design? There really isn't any limitations to who can buy it only you have to have a kid with you or act like one when doing the cache dance :)


I have some ideas but welcome all other suggestions! I want to see the coin colorful and something the kids (ok adults too) want to show off...

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Coin costs can be reduced by producing a smaller coin like Avroair's. Our kids' signature item isn't a coin, but they have fun with glass ladybugs.


The junior Ladybug Kids help apply the rub and buff silver to our glass ladybug signature items and put them in the plastic craft baggies for cache drops. The ladybugs are trackable at the Ladybug Signature Item Tracking Website and they enjoy watching the dots appear on the maps.



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I'd be in for this as well- I've been thinking about doing a Thing 1 and Thing 2 button. A coin seems a bit spendy for trading items for them- they like to trade for well worn McToys and the like- but they'd be happy to have one to show for sharing time at school when they talk to their class about geocaching.

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The Alaska GeoCoin was our first, but my little ones absolutely loved them. I am positive they would be up for this new coin. The design ideas sound great! Keep me posted and let me know if you decide to go through with the idea and get some made.

MamaMouse and three Mice kids

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I know of two twin girls who would love to be in on this action :laughing:


Hey - I also know some twin girls who'd enjoy some coins. One of our girls is always taking out our coin collection and looking at them.

You know what I hear alot, "I found this one NOT MOM!



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I know of two twin girls who would love to be in on this action :unsure:

I know I'm far-far away, but the mail truck even comes to my house.





But do you have the important things like running water and broadband? :lol:

Yup got us some water hooked up and internet, I even have 41 caches in a 10 mile radius <_<, well 6 of those 41 are mine but's ok i can keep checking on um, that'll keep me busy! :blink:


any way back to the kids coins, treasure at the end of rainbow is a good start!



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i wold be interested in getting one of these. I like the idea for the front side, but the back side is already in production as a FTF dance on the coin club site. While it won't be the same exactly, does anyone else think its getting too similar to another? another idea is to use a different font like chalkdust or something kidsy ( i know its not a true word, but i like it anyhow :lol: ).

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some of pepper's thoughts I'm throwing out here


Instead of labeling it KIDS COIN on top how about just making the coin have the look of a coin that a youngerster could relate to.


Always a Kid!


Don't make me grow up!


I don't want to grow up I'm a caching kid.


rainbow with a ammo box under it


I led my parents straight to it


kids make great cachers


I found it not mom & dad!


More ideas later my head is full of them.


Oh and I do like the idea of a sidewalk chalk look.



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I actually have a current design and will post it shortly. My thoughts are to have a metal coin for the kids to keep and a wooden nickel to drop in the cache. On the back it would be blank so the kids could sign their cache name on it! I am also having some numbers engraved on the back and I plan on hiding some caches where you have to have the coin in order to find them! My goal would be to encourange every child that buys the coin to hide a kids cache so wherever we go we could search for that special kids cache!

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That is such a cool idea about the wooden nickel! I know my mice kids do not like to leave the really nice metal coins in the caches (Insert picture of MamaMouse prying the coins from the mice fingers!) The wooden nickel idea would work great! Let me know if you need any help with anything to keep this project going!

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My 9yo KE has finished the design on the new coin for kids (or adults acting like kids!).


The name of the coin is PaNoWeGe. This is from an ancient language meaning

"Master finders of hidden treasures". The treasure could be the cache, the time spent with the family hiking, a rock, a frog, you name it! We are a family of PaNoWeGe's and we are proud of it!


I plan on hiding Kids Caches in the Pacific Northwest where you will have to own the coin or know what the numbers are from the back of the coin to find it. These will be required to fill out the latitude/longitude numbers on a mystery cache. I will encourage others across the world to do the same so the kids will be able to find their special cache!


I know the kids will not want to part with their metal coins. What we are doing instead is to put the exact design on wooden nickels so they can have the metal coin in their collection and be able to drop the wooden nickel in the cache. I am going to have our kids put their names on the back too in marker for the heck of it also.


If you are interested in ordering the coins please feel free to post it here. We expect the coins ready for delivery by the middle of next month.

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