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Camp Explorer

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I would like to get my own Geocoin made but I can't justify spending that much for a small order. If I could order more to bring the cost down, would you order one?

Still working on a design.

Cost would around $5 and shipping not to be high.

Thanks Tom

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I would ask what you want to do with your coin. If you want to trade for others I might reconsider offering it for sale. I had a person contact me to trade coins, but the bad thing was that I had already bought 2 of his coins when he sold them to the general public. I felt bad, but I really didn't need 3 of the same coins. So I didn't make the trade. Just something to think about.

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This is the same thing that SilverMarc did and I believe that he got plenty of orders.

I designed my coin first, without input from the forums since there wasn't a Team or Geocaching group that I had to include in the process. Once I rendered the coin in Photoshop, I began negotiating with mints and learning more.


At the same time, I presented the design on the Forums to get an idea of the demand. Once the mint was selected and provided a price, I started to take orders (a payment -was- the order) and made the upfront payment to the mint.


It has been a rather smooth process, mainly because I set up a PayPal cart and used the PayPal payment emails as my "order book." I also envisioned an idea to streamline that entire process for others which, as you all know, I have implemented in a new web site for coin trading, but that's another story.


I think you'll have no trouble finding purchasers for your initial minting - but a sketch of the coin would be the best thing to have at the beginning. I think an experienced mint can work with you and your idea to turn even a basic design drawing into a snazzy coin, but you have to make sure you have someone on their side who works with you, and who you can place your trust in. You can usually get a sense of that from the first or second phone call.



July 29, 2005 @ 9:42 AM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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Interesting. 5 days after initial posting, and there's interest in 70-75 coins by my informal counting to this point. All this without even seeing a design. It does reinforce the "if you mint it they will come" mantra. Makes me want to mint a coin of my own instead of just ordering some generic wooden ones to drop into caches.

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I apologize in advance for (Temporarily) hijacking this thread....


Why does someone with the geo-handle and personalized license plate of "Malloc" NOT have a career as "Engineer" (aka nerd), but instead is a Doctor?


Back to the design thread. I hope someone will want to trade their Camp Explorer coin with me for a pdxmarathonman coin :rolleyes:

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FYI: He does have an image of the coin posted in his list:


I listed My Geocoin at this site Camp Explorer Preorders to keep track of orders/preorders.

This way I can keep all interested  people up to date with email.

From first design photo's to shipment!

The site is free, you do have to sign in.

Just add that you are seeking the coin.



July 31, 2005 @ 10:23 PM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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Thanks marc

I was going to post here that part of the design was close to done and did email those who are listed as seeking.

Please look hereCamp Explorer Preorders for updates.


Marc cointracking.com has been a great help in keeping track of preorders and will really help when things get going.




PS design has changed a littlle tonight.

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