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Roadtrip From Phoenix,az - Suggestions Please!

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Hiya, just wanted to get some input from others that live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, or have visited.


We have some friends here (in Georgia) that would like us to fly into Phoenix, Arizona with them in February 2006 (not sure exact date .. but, about the middle of the month). They have a weeding to go to on arrival day, but, after that we plan to spend 5-6 days just driving around. Maybe visit the Grand Canyon .. then, who knows where from there. We are just now starting to look into sight seeing books and such. But, just from the 5 caches I've done I've seen some amazing sites! So, I though I'd ask here also.


So, if YOU had 5/6 days to drive around and tour, starting in Phoenix .. what direction would you head in? Any amazing/fun caches you know about that you would really like to do out in that area? Any that you have done that you think are great!?


Thanks for any input. I'll probably bring this back to the top in a month or two .. we're pretty excited about taking a road trip around there!

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I doubt very seriously you will be able to get to The Grand Canyon in February .... It's called SNOW and as you climb elevation towards Flagstaff you will hit plenty of it. You are much better off heading towards Tuscon, Old Tuscon, Senora Desert Museum, and stay away from Mexico as the border towns leave a lot to be desired IMO. So ..... stay at the lower elevations and you will stay warm. :( ImpalaBob

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Are you heading South towrds the Sierra Vista area?? If so, I can name a few caches that would be fun to do.

I'm not sure right now. We're looking for some direction! We're just looking for some great views of nature :(

Well, if you head south into Sierra Vista, there are several, high-quality caches to do. But a "must-do" is this one: El Diablo's Treasure...It was placed by my brother and his friends....Just read the logs and you will understand how good it is.


But there are several down there that are very good cache hides.

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