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American Eagle & Lady Liberty: Here is a neat idea. A friend of mine came up with this. Take a small container about the size of a 35mm film container. Put a trash bag in it, and drop it off in a cache. The idea is for the next cacher to use the bag to pick up trash on his/her way out. Replace the bag with a new one and then drop it off in the next cache.


I have even made some labels to go on mine. The labels state the instruction, just in case someone would not know what to do with the container.


I was reading this on the main CITO thread and I thought what a brilliant idea! Now that we have to pay for our bags / packets, we all hoard them. But how many of us actually reuse them for shopping? I rarely do...and Brian of Azaruk has been known to travel for months with some in the glove box of his vehicle and still bring home newly bought ones :laughing:


My local camera shop was more than happy to offload film cannisters. Tonight I will pack some up, and lets all make a concerted effort to clean out some trash.


Just be careful if taking children CITO caching, then some latex gloves really would be applicable.


Edited for appalling spelling ....should be concentrating at work :laughing:

Edited by Azaruk
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This is now a co-incidence.


Without even knowing about such an idea, I have already done this and dropped one off in (I think) the "Fern Fountain" cache in the Rietvlei NR near Pretoria.


I collect about 30 35mm cannisters and created a small label that I can glue onto the cannister. Anyone interest just email me and I will forward you a copy of the label, which you can then change as you like.


The label is glued on and then coverred (don't tell my wife) using decoupage varnish, which will ensure it lasting a bit longer.

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This is a really brilliant, yet simple, idea. I think I will get going on that too.


Just be careful if taking children CITO caching, then some latex gloves really would be applicable.


I didn't know children were THAT toxic!! I thought that was a myth perpetuated by the owner of the scream factory in "Monsters INC." :(

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Susan brought home a bag full of 35mm film canisters, a couple of pages of neatly printed sticky labels (complete with a neat little picture of "Signal" :D ) and handed me a number of plastic shopping bags along with a persuasively worded invitation to "get the bags into the canisters".


Easier said than done!


The thicker bags are quite a mission!


Folded into a strip, tightly rolled and stuffed into the canister this exercise caused serious cramping of hand and finger muscles! We managed to get a large number completed, though, and will be placing them into our own caches during maintenance visits and dropping a couple into each new cache we visit.


Credit to my better half, Susan, for finding out about this idea anmd letting the forum know about it.

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