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You might want to post in your local/regional forum and describe what you found and where; someone who found it in the past might recognize it. If the log book in the cache had a name on it, or if people in their written logs mention the hider's name that would be very helpful -- you can look up geocaching.com users by name and when you look at their list of hidden caches even archived ones will be there. I think you may also be able to see archived caches on the geocaching.com maps, but I'm not sure which features of the maps require a premium membership. But it's also possible that what you found might be a cache listed on a different caching site, or a letterbox.

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Archived caches are still in the gc.com database but are not shown on the site (e.g. in searches) unless you know the GC code (GCXXXX) or the owner's name, as mentioned above.


Did you find a physical cache that's no longer listed, or are you looking for an archived listing for some other reason? Either way, if you post more information here, we might be able to help you locate what you're looking for.

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if you found it, it will be in your found list - just looked on your profile - with 3 finds that sorta leaves that one out -


Like they said if you know the owner, you can find it on his cache page -


otherwise it is kinda hard -


That's where GSAK comes in handy - I have all the archived caches in my area in the database.


if you know when it was hidden, it could help the people you ask -



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