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OK, I didn't get a chance to put my other caches out this weekend, I had a family thing i had to do.

Anywho, One of them i will be caching will be in front of a Stockyard. I'm wondering who I shoulda ask about placing this one, or if I need to. It's a sales Stockyard, and they also have a small cafe there. Should I just go in and talk to who ever it is that runs the cafe, or atlest let them know about the cach being there and what it looks like, or just place the cache? It wouldn't look strange to anyone driving by, someone looking for the cache, but it may look strange to somone inside. Also Thursdays, and special occation days are the bussiest days, so I will probably put in there to use cotion on Thursdays and any other day it looks like anyone is there (I guess Wed and Thurs. would be the busy days, as all the farmers are there the day before also, well a lot of em are).

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Yup. especially in this day and age of terrorist worries, it's important to ask permission.


Ask someone who works there if they can direct you to the person who owns or manages the stockyard. That's the person you should talk to.


And, on the assumption that even if that person gives permission they might not tell everyone who could stumble upon your cache, be sure to clearly label the cache on the outside of the container (preferrably on all sides, since you never know which way it will be put back) and provide contact information (e.g. an email address).


An ammo can cache in our area (in a public park) was recently blown up by the bomb squad, so we're more sensitive to this issue!

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