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Headlamp For Night Caches.

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WH, my Petzl has the 4 LEDs, but now that I wear glasses I need a bit more light. I think that my glasses are actually tinted for computer/night glare which is bad for night caching. So it's either new subscription or a brighter light. tough to get old. Trying to get ready for the tournament.

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You get what you pay for.

I use a princetontec Aurora that has 3 LEDs and also a Princetontec Solo that has a halogen bulb. While LEDs will offer great battery life, there is not an LED made that will offer as much light as a Halaogen bulb.

I also carry a pricetontec Tec 40 flash light that uses 4 AA batteries.

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I would recommend a headlamp that uses a regular light bulb over a LED as LED, most with the exception of the Inova light, do not have the power to find reflector if they are very far apart. I know I'll get argument to this point but that is my experiance. We have on local night caceh that uses BIG reflectors that my LED head lamp, a Black Diamond Moonlight 5 LEDS, would not pick up the reflectors but the Petzel head lamp with a .5 watt bulb my son had did fine. So if you want a LED head lamp which I think are GREAT then carry a minimag double AA light for shinging on the distance.


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I'm expecting in the mail tomorrow the Petzl duobelt 14. It is a waterproof (IPX 8 rating) duobeam headlamp. It has 14 LEDs as well as a halogen lamp. It uses 4 C batteries in a clip-on belt case. It was pricey, but should provide more than adequate lighting for all conditions. Since I also hunt, I can take good advantage of it. It also will last 11 hr 30 minutes on halogen for 100 meters or 260/260/280 hrs based on 3 led settings. It has a voltage regulator on the LEDs so it maintains a consistent light intensity until almost the end of the batteries life. Strength/time is 10 meters @ 125 hrs, 20 meters @ 24 hrs, and 23 meters @ 10 hrs.


Comparing that to the Tikka Plus I now use. 9 meters @ 120 hrs, 13 meters @ 100 hrs, 17 meters @ 80 hrs(brand new batteries). I lose time, but gain a lot more power.

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