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Sa Geocoin Tracking And General Stats (by Qfc)


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Just a new thread to start off a rumour of a new stats page containing the ranking system by QFC and a tracking site for the non-GC.com trackable SA Geocoins and items.


Seeing the need for a tracking system for the *shiny* new SA Geocoins we have been hard at work in tying to create a new system that will manage non-GC.com items. We hope to make this a component system that a number of us can work on. The reason I point this out is because we would like to host the page at www.geocaching.za.net, but we realise this may cause for some debate, so before doing it we lay it at the hands of the GC forum.

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Ooo, questions...

I know the coins arn't currently trackable, but do they have numbers on them or would these have to be added? It would be cool to be able to track them, but wouldn't this cause confusion with cachers who didn't know there was another site? I'm just wondering if you can explain the whole thing some more plz.

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By placing a 'tracking procedure' on the cache page, in the log book and on a laminated card which accompanies the coin, tracking through a different site wouldn't be too much of an issue.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: I propose that the SA Geocoin should be managed, tracked and administered in South Africa. It is, after all, a South African geocoin - something all South African cachers should be proud of.

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The though of this tracking system was brought about from comments made on the SA geocoin thread. I am not sure if they are numbered (i hope they are). As for how it workds, well the suggestion by Azaruk is pretty good. Just have a laminated piece of paper that say how tracking of the coins is done.


But as I said in my first post, we are looking for any suggestions or comments, we are also interested in peoples view of us using www.Geocaching.za.net. If all is good, hopefully some time soon the stats page will be moving there and the tracking page will go up shortly after.

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