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The Dutch version of the Geocaching website (www.geocaching.nl) has a very nice feature: statistics. On there, you can search all sorts of statistics possible including graphics about:

Most popular caches

User positions, ranking (how many caches found, new caches found etc)

Last logs from users, from caches

General review of a user activity listing all caches found per country

and more.

(You can have a check under "statistieken". The language used is close enough to English; you should be able to understand).


I just like this feature very much, but it is limited to the Dutch activity (logs concerning Holland). It would be nice to have a similar feature on the main geocaching site!

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GC.com isn't about the stats or the numbers (unless you want it to be about the numbers ;) ). There are other cache listing services on the internet that are all about the stats. If stats are really important to you then use one of those.

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Im against stats unless people have the ability to opt out.


You can have your stats, just dont force them on me as well.

Log notes, or better still use a screen name instead of your real one.


What's really funny is that more people complain about stats now that we don't have then, than they ever did when we did.


Some of the best part about stats was what you could do with the info that wasn't really stats. Like who's logged recently in your area. What your friends have been up too geocaching wise and so on. Since I've done most caches in my area I tend to not see who the newbies are. I miss knowing who's new, especially when they have been caching a year, and I meet them at an event for the first time and they already have 300 finds and I've never heard of them.

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