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Groundspeak Geodog Gear

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After looking at the cool new Groundspeak gear and reading logs relating to geocaching with dogs, I had a thought. Two items for pooches might sell pretty well: Neckerchiefs with the Groundpeak logo for "that kind of dog", and a mesh collar with the logo surrounding it. The folks at Spiffy Dog have some patterned collars and I would think that somebody from GS could possibly contact them about it. My dog wears one and they're waterproof, light and durable.


Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been an employee of the company.


Whatcha think?

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My dog is my usual caching partner. She ALWAYS wears a bandana, so I found her one at Hobby Lobby with little frogs on it to wear when we go caching. She'd definitely wear an offical neckerchief!


Another idea for a product is a doggie backpack. We just ordered one off of eBay so she can help carry my swag bag stuff and also her own water.

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Here is one you missed!


I bought a pair for Nissa, my Choc. Lab Mix, who is currently intraining to become a world class Geodog !


The reason being, that the thorns and briars, are so bad in some places, that

these are much less than a trip to the vet.


And, no, I did not get the UV sunglasses. We have had a few trials with them

and she is getting more and more used to them.


If you have ever done and hunting and seen what happens when a dog runs

into some hard object or even grass and sticks, in or near the eyes, you'll be buying them too.


Just my opinion and I do not own, work for or have any stock in Doggles company.

I just think it is a good idea (not the sunglasses) for in the field.



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