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Tennessee Geocoins!


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Sorry for any perceived delays, all coins have been shipped now. We received the coins on Thursday the 22nd with only one day to prepare for a two day weekend whirlwind run through Memphis and Nashville distributing coins at the planned events. The coins didn't come with activation codes attached, we had to do that by hand - and the coins were not in any kind of order, ugh!!


We got about 50% of the coins tagged by the weekend. And then began work on tagging the rest on Monday and Tuesday. Orders were mailed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, after which we had more events to attend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The final shipments were made this morning, so everyone should have their coins by the end of this week.

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Trail Hound is still sitting by the window ..Watching the mail box and tapping his foot on the floor ...  .....  ...  .          <_<

Still watching the mail box....Foot taps are getting heavier!!!!!

Brings new meaning to the subtitle, 'Coming soon'. :P


...don't mind me, I'm just jealous that I didn't get an order in. :P

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