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Etrex Vista C Compass Problem

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I've had an eTrex Vista C for a few months and it has recently started to exhibit a strange problem.


When I'm moving faster than walking speed, my compass freezes with North at the top. If I'm navigating to something, the arrow freezes to north too. If I'm moving at walking speed or below (or below whatever speed I set), the device reverts to the magnetic compass and works more or less normally.


The device is still calculating my direction from GPS data, because the arrow on the map screen still indicates my direction. Somehow, the compass screen just isn't getting this information.


I've talked to Garmin and they recommended updating to the latest firmware (2.30, I think, and I'm on 2.10) but nothing in the update description refers to a problem like mine. I'll update, but other than that my options are to keep the magnetic compass on at all times (which I think is tough on the battery) or send the unit back to Garmin (which is a hassle and deprives me of my GPS for an unspecified amount of time).


I'm hoping some of you have encountered this problem and have a fix for it.





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