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Ngs Datasheet Format Changes

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Proof that NAD83 continues to become more accurate and needs to be regionally defined to best describe it's locality. All those tectonic plates are proving to be doing their own things.


This shows CORS allocation for the specific velocities in an area. It will be a good thing.

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It depends on which way you want to work it, East or West, it can represent the same place.


The United States Quadrant is North and West, and since it is normal to think in this way, It can reduce errors to stay in that groove. Guam is a US Territory, and so it goes.



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Here's a tangent, talking about coordinate systems. This may be boring, but...


In astronomy the coordinate system is equivalent (2 angles, one 90 to -90 degrees called declination, one 360 degrees around called Right Ascension), but instead of using 360 degrees for the equivalent of longitude you use 24 hours. This is projected on the sky, rather than onto the Earth. An hour is then broken down to minutes and seconds. So an hour is 15 degrees, and each arminute and arcsecond is 15x the usual arcminutes in angle measure. Each unit corresponds to that much angle of sky passing a telescope in that much time.


The expression of the coordinates is somewhat less standard than in geodetics.

People generally use (Right Ascension, Declination) = (DD MM SS, DD MM SS), with the accuracy varying from SS to SS.SSS. Accuracy depends on how large the object is and/or your accuracy in recording the coordinates.


People much more rarely use (DD.DDDDD, DD.DDDD)


The DD MM.MMM format is not used.

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