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Sorry that I do not speak or write French, but hope that you may speak and write English. I am trying to complete the Locationless (reverse) Cache 'Where's in a name?' its waypoint is GC3153. Our Geocaching handle is GRALORN which is short for Graham and Lorna. This converts to N47° 25.676 I believe that this northing would be around the Nantes region. Is there anyone who may be able to assist with achieving this cache with me, by going to that co-ord and taking a photograph of their gps showing the Northing and a photo of where abouts it is. Any takers? Would be most appreciated.

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If you are still interested, you might also ask in the Austrian geocaching forum


(subsection "Wir cachen gemeinsam", i.e. "We cache together). There is a group of Styrian geocachers (they all speak English) who plan to do this cache on Sunday if the weather allows it


On their way they would cross the latitude you are interested into.


I guess a photograph from that area would be a very attractive choice in comparison with more urban places.




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Bonjour, J'mapelle Robin Fish et je recherche l'aide dans l'exécution "Where's in a name?' its waypoint is GC3153 aussi. Mon nom d'utilisateur est LORDFISHMAN et ma ligne de latitude que j'ai calculée est 43°56.737. Cette ligne intersecte les sud de la France. Sud approximativement de 150km de Bordeaux. Y a-t-il des cachers voulant aider un Canadien ?





Hamilton, ON Canada

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Je suis Désolé.


Lisez ce site Web http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-931a67b7eccd


J'ai besoin de quelqu'un à la photographie une tache où la latitude du nord est 43°56.737. Le longtitude peut être celui que vous souhaitiez.


Si vous pouvez faire ceci puis vous obtiendrez le degré de solvabilité pour la cache.


Ce latidude est par les Sud de la France.

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