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Suggest checking out "Anna E. Dickinson (GC3BCA), a virtual named "Yes...a Tempus Fugit (GC9E8B), in the area: "Chester Depot (GCGK7Y)" and for a few minute ride up the road "Ziggy Crew's WebCam (GCMEKB). There are others in the imeediate area I have not had time to do. Enjoy and good caching. Kane

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I work in Goshen. I have caches in Goshen. Let me know what terrain/time/distance and I'll give you all the info you need. You can email me directly if you wish.



My wife grew up in Goshen. Here parents just moved away a few years ago. She said that if you work there you're either a lawyer, or you work in the county building .


I have a family reunion(wifes side) to go to on this saturday


My wife was wondering what family. Since everyone in Goshen knows everyone else, she said she probably knows them.

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My wife grew up in Goshen. Here parents just moved away a few years ago.  She said that if you work there you're either a lawyer, or you work in the county building .


Close, my wife is a county worker but works on Hatfield Lane, my father-in-law and brother-in-law are lawyers, but don't have offices in Goshen. I, on the other hand, am a pharmacist.

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In goshen 10924 area code I plan on getting out for a couple of hours with my daughter for some hiking/rock scrambling.Any places near by anyone can recomend?

For anyone else interested...these were my suggestions


I can't think of a hike that you scramble over rocks nearby that can be done in that time frame (GCKXQ4 - Rags to Riches multi about 3-4 hrs) , but here's some ideas.


In Goshen, cache is 5 min or less from parking Lions Park (GC9826) Anna E. Dickinson (GC3BCA)

Yes- a tempus fugit (GC9E8B) - virtual

Who was Sarah W.? (GC4E4F)


In Goshen, flat less than 30 min walk

Heritage Trail (GCB182)

Replacement cache (GCNZCN) (same parking as Heritage Trail)

6&1\2 Station Rd (GCGB98) actually less than 5 min


Out towards Montgomery, flat and easy within 5 min from parking Picnic Grove Colored Cache (GCB79E) Rememberance Walk (GCHW1Y)


Off rte 211 middletown (park at end of camp orange rd where it turns by gate)


River Run Wild ((GCKEXD)

Camp Orange ((GCKEXD)

Tamms Lake (GCAC71)

Horse Trail (GCHFNG)


This is a nice hike down an old road with slight terrain changes.

If you choose this, mark your parking co-ords.


In Cornwall/Washingtonville

Another Schunnemonk View (GCG2WW) - haven't done yet, but trail goes up mtn KoDO cache (GCDC1) less than 5 min from same parking SMFD cache (GCHVCJ) - a short fun one nearby


There's 3 at the Middletown Crystal Run Galleria Pennies from Heaven Right on Target It's a Craftsman Cache


Goosepond Mtn area (similar hike to the off 211 group) Pete's Favorite Walk Goosepond Mountain Goosepond Shelter Dennis Hopper Hitchhiker......

Davis Cemetery

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I had a nice trip thats some beutiful country up there!The party was at a horse farm on a hill with a great view east.My daughter and I were able to get out for a short while and jmbs the water fall was on our list,we grabbed that one then headed to goose pond state park but city select put me on the wrong side of the park in a neighborhood with no trailhead its my first time using it so I gues we need more practice with the software?!Thanks for your help !

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