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Pocket Pc Gps Software?

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I apologise if there is another thread that answers this, I couldn't spot it!


My poor old Garmin GPS III is getting a bit dated, and gives up even at the sight of a tree, so I am looking to upgrade.


I already own an XDA II and am thinking of getting a Bluetooth GPS unit to use with it.


However, I have no idea what Pocket PC software would be the best to use for:


a] Geocaching

b] Satalite Navigation for driving (in the UK primarily)


I would be grateful of any recomendations anyone could give.




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Hi Doc,


I use an XDA 2 as well. For GPS use I use Navio which is pretty good although you might want to try BeelineGPS as that looks as though it could be good although i haven't used it. I use Tom Tom 5 for satnav in the car which is excellent and can be easily installed on an XDA. You will need an sd memory card for the maps though as they are quite large.I have a 1gig card in mine as I have some european maps installed as well. Bear in mind that you will need to buy a cradle/charger and some form of gps receiver for the car as well. It is possible to obtain Tom Tom 5 for free if you know where to look :) .

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Thanks very much Soldier for your recommendations. :anibad:

Just awaiting delivery of my bluetooth gps unit, but downloaded the trial versions of Navio and BeelineGPS. Beeline looks like an excellent programe!

Will also have a look at Tom Tom to see what it's like.


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I use Vito Tec's Navigator II which is really handy for geocaching....


i use that coupled with GPXSonar which works a treat....


however, i find it rather annoying that i have to swap btween the softwares to get the info and i have to remeber the Ref Code (Gxxxx).


What would be nice is software taht allows you to double click on a waypoint and it pops up a gpxsonar like window


Just my 10c



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