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Gps Points For Toll Plazas


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Hi all fellows,


I know this has nothing to do with Geocaching, but I would like to compile a full list of the Toll Plaza GPS co-ords in South Africa and would like those of you who have any of these to please publish them here. I will then create a full combined list and publish the file here for anyone to download.


My Toll Plaza points.

Middelburg, Mpumalanga: S 25 51.943 E 29 21.842

Machadodorp, Mpumalanga: S 25 37.653 E 30 15.499

Verkeerdevlei, Free State: S 28 47.932 E 26 41.433

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Have just been loaned a GPS by a friend and it has a few points of it that should make you happy. :rolleyes:


Grasmere Toll Plaza Gauteng S 26 25' 00.0'' E 027 52' 47.6''

Vall Toll Plaza Gauteng S 26 52' 12.9'' E 027 37' 46.7''


Dont know if they are correct, but they should be knowing the friend.

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Hi Warthog


Zambezi S25 41.427 E28 16.990


I'm not sure exactly where I've taken the reading and which way I was going, but it should be near enough. The other ones, yours and QFC's, are close enough to my co-ordinates for practical purposes.


Anyone out there that has co-ordinates for Bakubung, Kwa Maritane and Manyane in/near Pilanesberg? Reception, gate, turnoff for instance.



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