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Series Of Caches????

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:) I dont understand how you make a series of caches and how far they each have to be! Do they have to each be .10 miles away just like if you were places two caches????

Well, if you are talking about a series of like-themed or like-named caches, where each one is a separate cache listed on the website, they must follow all the guidelines any other cache would, including the .1m proximity guideline. The only connection between caches in this type of series is the name, theme, hider, etc.

The Off Your Rocker series comes to mind as an example of a series that has spread from coast to coast.


If you are talking about a single geocache, with multiple steps (a multi cache), I do not believe that the intermediate stages must be .1 mile from each other but they must be .1 mile from any other cache or any other stage of another cache.

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