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Delaware State Parks Geocaching Policy

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At long last, we at Delaware State Parks have all our ducks in a row,and our new geocaching policy and permit form are online. Check out our geocaching pages at www.destateparks.com for rules/regs and info about hiding and searching for caches in Delaware's state parks.


If you currently have a cache in a Delaware state park, you'll need to get it permitted -- no charge for this, just some paperwork so we can know where the cache is and who owns it, and to make sure that the area you've chosen for it is OK. In return for doing the paperwork and getting your cache approved, we'll give you a nifty sticker to put on your cache container to let everyone know it's legal. We haven't set an actual deadline for this, and we don't want to overload the park offices with geocaching applications coming in all at once, so don't feel obligated to rush in this weekend. My guess is that in another month or so we'll start taking a look at caches that we haven't received permit applications for and contacting their owners.


When you're ready to get a cache permitted, please download the cache permit application form from our website and print it out -- the parks each have a master copy of the application form, but they're not keeping a bunch of copies on hand to hand out.


We've still got a few things in development -- we want to get maps online that will show you whether the site you've chosen is OK or if it's off-limits for some reason, but we're still working on those.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments -- I'll keep an eye on the board here, or if you prefer, my e-mail at work is christine.polo@state.de.us, phone is (302) 739-9177.


Happy caching all, and enjoy Delaware State Parks!


Chris Polo

Creative Services Coordinator

Delaware State Parks

NappingBears on geocaching.com

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Consider listing/linking to the cache pages for the geocaches that receive permits, like they do in West Virginia. 

That's something I'll be looking into -- I oversee the publications unit for DE state parks and am also the webmaster, and I really like the way WVa does it.


Thanks for the positive responses so far - I'm sure there will be a few bugs to be worked out, but I'm hoping that this will be the start of a really good relationship between cachers and Delaware State Parks!

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