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Uk Geocoin - The Final Call

The Hokesters

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Hi guys,


I am still waiting for confirmation of pre-orders from the following US cachers;


barnabasbenn - 2 coins

berryZang - 2 coins

Blue iis - 10 coins

DcCow - 3 coins

DomHeKnows - 3 coins

FreddyFish - 3 coins

Kiltsurfer - 10 coins

LoriDarlin - 4 coins

Mystery Ink - 5 coins

ogeo - 2 coins

Orange Hippo - ? coins

outdoorlady79 - 5 coins

the4Grays - 5 coins

Tiki-4 - 2 coins


Please confirm if you are still interested by sending a message to needcoins@geocoins.co.uk.


If you are not on the list but would like to be please send us a message to needcoins@geocoins.co.uk with your GC.com handle, Country of residence and 'pre-order' coin quantity.




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Stand back and take a deep breath guys - we have to order them from the mint yet - as stated earlier these are 'pre-orders' so we have an idea what we should order in our first batch. We are doing this all free of charge for the community so we have to ensure our own personal expenditure is covered by the first order.


We are nearly there so hold tight!



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