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Mac Geocachers Please Read And Respond

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I am a mac user and am considering working on a cache management tool. Not to be a copy, but a mac based program that would do things like what GSAK does(although I haven't actually tried GSAK, this claim is based on things I have heard and read). I am using a couple hacked together scripts to do all my cache management tasks and think it would be good to have a real application that others can use.


Now here for the questions....


1-How many of you would be interested?

2-Would you pay a small ($10-$20) shareware fee? At first until it was fully functional it would be free, but expire.

3-What kind of features would you want?


It would of course be powered by gpsbabel for file format changes for different receivers and mapping apps.


I want to gauge interest before I put too much time into this so give a shout out if this would be of an interest to you.


Thanks for reading :o

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I'd be game for such..


here's my wishlist:


* Ability to export/import .pdb for cachemate on the palm a must. I'm tired of using 2-3 programs just to manage/convert waypoint files for my Garmin and Palm. I do a fair amount of benchmark hunting and other stuff. I find cachemate's features (especially log functions) to be great for such, but it's "messy" trying to extract the info for computer editing.


* Export to National Geographic Topo! would be nice, but i can survive w/o.


* Garmin Protocol support, including waypoint symbols.


* GPX/LOC support.


* Tracklog & route editing would be nice.


* A real nice feature would be a screen to show "active" gps information - position, time, speed, ect. Also, being able to create waypoint here.


* I work in 10.2, but that shouldnt pose an issue.


Yea, I'm still waiting on pigs to fly.... :o

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I'd be interested in buying it. I haven't used GSAK, being a Mac person. I know it uses CMConvert and GPS Babel, both of which have a Mac GUI available. I've been asking in various forums why someone hasn't done this yet. All of us Mac people would be grateful if you did. Thanks.

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When I first found out that Garmin had no Mac support I gave up on thinking that I would be able to download any caching info, maps, etc. to my GPS or palm from my Mac. Currently I print out cache pages and enter in the coords by hand for both of our Garmin and Magellan systems. I don't mind doing this manually that much. It's the fact that I'm burning through tons of paper and printer ink that bothers me - not to mention hauling around all those pages while out on a cache spree.


If there were easy to use Mac software that will simplify our caching experience then we would buy it. Having no experience using any PC to GPS or Palm to GPS software I can't say what features I would like to see implemented in the software. Just make it easy to use with a really cool interface. Also, have it do everything the PC versions do, except make it better and faster. :anicute:

Thanks, and let me know when it's available for beta testing.

Slim from

Team Hatfield

G4 running Panther

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would be interested if it supported classic mac "pre X"

I'll just be blunt, not a chance in hell. And not to be mean about it but some of the required things that I would use would not be available to classic and i don't want to reinvent the wheel. That plus the new intel chip macs are rumored to be unable to run classic applications.


I plan to sit as low on x as possible and support as much there as I can.

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would be interested if it supported classic mac "pre X"

I'll just be blunt, not a chance in hell. And not to be mean about it but some of the required things that I would use would not be available to classic and i don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Since ralann said "It would of course be powered by gpsbabel" I, too, will be blunt and put the odds of a "pre X" version of GPSBabel to be even lower than that.


I hope to not distract from the punchline of this thread, but Hatfield, look at MacGPSBabel's 'text' output (potentially sucking it into your favorite word processor to do multiple columns or multiple pages) as a way to get multiple cache listings per page. It'll also do waypoint uploads...

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I'd be all over it in a heartbeat.


I use GSAK now with an Explorist 500. It works just fine on exporting a GPX dump into the Geocaching folder, which leaves you with one file containing up to 200 noneditable waypoints. I'd like to be able to get them into the POI file as separate entries, so they can be edited and deleted without having to mess with the entire file. I'm just now fixin' to dump out an old geocaching file to substitute a new pocket query download, subtracting out the caches that I've already found. It would just be easier to be able to delete those waypoints when I'm done with them. It may just be a Magellan thing, however, and not be fixable in third party software-- probably needs a firmware alteration.


I also need to be able to dump files into a USB Palm Lifedrive without jumping thru multiple hoops. I haven't tried this feature yet with GSAK, since I just got the Palm. If a Mac-based all-in-one solution were available, I'd definitely support it.



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Anything for the Mac is worth paying for since our resources are so limited. Right now I use the pocket query results to upload in the GPSr using MacGPSBabel, to the Palm using MacCMConvert, and to National Geographic Maps also using MacGPSBabel. I'm also wondering if I can send the gpx file into Quo Vadis? An all-in-one application would be great!

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I'd buy that for a dollar! Well, maybe up to about 20 or 30 dollars, in fact. Key requirements:

-upload and download to Garmin GPS through USB or serial-USB converter

-extensive customisable and saveable filters (a la GSAK)

-import/export of cachemate and other formats

-quick logging from cachemate database (a la Express Logger)


So, basically if you could do what GSAK does, I'd buy it!

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I'm looking into buying a GPS (I've been caching w/ loaners). Does this mean that there are no GPS's on the market that are Mac compatible? It didn't even cross my mind. Also, any ideas on the best GPS in the $100 range? Mac software for a GPS would be nice. I'd probably go in on that as soon as I have my own unit. It's too bad most companies forget us mac users.

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I am definitely interested, especially if it was able to communicate via USB with my Garmin eTex Vista C. VPC does not recognize the Vista C so I have to use a real PC to use MapSource or GSAK. There is some GPS software for the Mac but it doesn't communicate with USB units like the Vista C. I'd be in hog's heaven if I could manage my waypoints with my Mac.


I'd also suggest interfacing with Google Maps. It would be most cool to be able to see your waypoints in a Google map. I can get there by entering the coordinates by hand, but that is a real hassle. Being able to get there with a click would be very nice.

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I'd like one program that took gpx files - converted into cachemate and also delivered these and garmin maps via usb

-- haha fat chance !! :)

Speaking of enormous chances, it would be great if Topo USA 5 would work out of the virtual pc environment and Garmin would allow downloading of these map into the gpsr.


Looking forward to software Ralann is preparing.


What kind of time frame? I have no idea how long these things take.

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Mac, heck yah! I own 4 Macs and a piece of crap HP PC that gives me so many problems. I have to do everything on my PC for my GPS. I would pay for this, but I am still pre OSX user. My G3's will get the life sucked out of them if I upgrade.


However, the reason I am here is for my father-in-law who is about to purchase his first GPS unit. He is already showing signs of disappointment because he is also a Mac guy. Pure Mac guy with all the latest bells and whistles. I'm trying to talk him into the Garmin Vista c, but I've been reading that the new USB connector won't work on a mac? Any feedback on this?


I think you've received adequate feedback. Go for it and do it right!


Good luck and thank you for being a Mac guy!



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I'm trying to talk him into the Garmin Vista c, but I've been reading that the new USB connector won't work on a mac?  Any feedback on this?

I've also read that Macs can't communicate with the latest USB-equipped Garmin GPSrs. However, someone is working on a solution to this. See http://www.chrigel.ch/software/

they can. just use macgpsbabel 1.2.5.

happy hunting.

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  I'm running a beige G3 (the oldest machine that is officially capable of running any version of MacOS X) running MacOS X 10.2.8 (the last version that is officially supported on the beige G3), and using a straight serial interface to my original yellow eTrex.


  If your software works at all well for me, I doubt if you'll have much trouble getting me to pay $10 for it, at least.  $20 if I find it really useful.


  I'd be really thrilled if you could find a solution to the handshaking problem that I discuss here.  I can work around it, but it's annoying.

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Add me to the list of people that would pay for GSAK-like functionality on a Mac. I'm sick to death of running VPC (although I guess Mapsource has me by the ***s there...).


I dream of the day that I only load maps periodically using VPC, while maintaining cache databases, exporting to .pdb files, and loading waypoints to my Garmin all in native OSX. I'd even chance the upgrade from 10.2.8 to whatever you'd support to do so!

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I've also read that Macs can't communicate with the latest USB-equipped Garmin GPSrs. However, someone is working on a solution to this. See http://www.chrigel.ch/software/


Hmmm. " a wrapper around the open source tool 'GPSBabel' to read and write GPS data (in GPX format) from and to GarminGPS devices connected via USB." ...that I've never heard of. Between GPSBabel itself being able to do that and me not being able read most of the doc, I'm not really sure I understand what value they're adding. I'm the one that tracked this down and worked it with Apple (and threw it at Garmin, but they never responded to my emails) at the cost of probably a couple hundred hours. So if 'someone is working on a solution to this' that uses GPSBabel like the doc says, I'm kind of confused.


they can. just use macgpsbabel 1.2.5.

...And firmware from Garmin newer than about June or so when they fixed the most horrible of the USB bugs. (If anyone can confirm that the latest Quest firmware update, released in about the right time frame but not mentioning USB fixes, lets it work with [Mac]GPSBabel, that would be helpful info.)


Oh, and while I'm typing - I worked with 'hidegoseek' last week on the quovadis problem he reported here. There is no problem - it works just fine on his Mac. He just had a problem with the output filenames.

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I would be very interested.


I'm also interested in know more about what other mac users are currently using I'm manually inputing into an old HandSpring Visor pro with GPS Companian modual. but I'm planning on getting an Etrex Legend to connect to my powerbook. I have VPC and wonder what other people use.


ralann i'm willing to beta test anything and would certainly pay for something good.

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Does anyone here use MacGPS Pro? If so how well does it work out for you? My first handheld GPS is coming soon and I'm still looking for some good Mac software and this seems to be the best for now.

Yes! indeed!

This is a great program! I especially like scanning in state park, horse trail, and free topo maps from Indiana University. Sure takes the guess work out of which trail to take and which part of the loops. This is every bit worth the $30 and free updates and support just keeps coming.



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Brilliant News


Although I also have a Win laptop I cant be bothered to go through all of the security update and virus update hoops to be able to use it so I never got GSAK which looked like a brilliant app.


I use 10.3.9 so should be able to run anything that you turn out. I don't want to infect my Mac with a PC emulator so have avoided that route. Only GSAK had any hope of changing my mind on that decision.


If you do produce this then people like me will become fully paid up members to GC.COM. At the moment there is little point except for that warm feeling you get inside.


Shareware? Yes its a good idea. Make something out of your talents. 20 - 30 usd sounds more than reasonable to me and I am one of the poverty struck ones.

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I think all the people posting here should show the GPS makers that they should get their act together. They're missing a big market. While it may be true that only 5% of computer users are mac users, I think that among technophiles and Geocachers the percent may be quite a bit higher. We've sent petitions to them with thousands of signatures. What the heck do they want?


We need some good software, but it needs to be done. I've seen talk on the forum, but we still don't have the goods. Yes, I'd pay money.


I use MacGPSBabel for both loading waypoints and making tpg files for National Geographic Topo. I use MacCMconvert for the Palm. For transfer these are OK, but we need a tool that's *better* than GSAK. (Let's face it, most Mac software performs better than PC software anyway.)


What I'd really like to see, and i've mentioned it in the GPSes and Mac Users thread, is a program for Macs that allows custom maps to be loaded onto recievers. There are several PC programs that have been made to do this, and I see no reason why a program could not be written for the Mac.


Programs to aide in making and loading maps to a Garmin include:







Her's a post about it: Making Garmin maps



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OH....... MY........ GOD..........

There really are other geocaching Mac users!!! Count me in on being interested. I have been researching the possiblity of going paperless. And it seemed like I was going to have to resort to using the PC my husband built me (I think he was trying to make me a backwards-'switcher').

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I would welcome anything like that. How about writing a USB driver for the Garmin. You could sell that for shareware. If we had the driver we could make GPS pro and other programs work also. You don't have to reinvent the wheel just write the driver. Maybe sell it to Garmin. I would do almost anything to get my Mac to work with my Garmin C.,,EXCEPT get a PC!!!!!! I'll suffer first.

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