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Gsak Nag Screen

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I've been meaning to upgrade my GSAK and officially register, but I haven't gotten around to taking the time to do it.


Anyway, up until recently, I've only got a nag screen when I opened GSAK, but today, my computer crashed, and all of a sudden GSAK gives with a several minute wait on a nag screen whenever I want it to do anything.


I have five pocket queries that I need to get into HTML for my pda, and get into mapsource files before tommorrow for a trip, and so far it's taken me fifteen minutes to do one.

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The extra nag screens only pop up if you have used GSAK more than 70 days and more than 50 times.


As most shareware only allows 30 days I feel this is more than enough time to decide if GSAK is worth registration.


However, as WebSouter pointed out if you wish to use a utility that does not have nag screens (all be it with far less functionality) then perhaps watcher would be a good alternative.


Some users just don't need all the extra features that GSAK provides, so by all means take a look at Watcher.


Edit: Your original post did mention that you wanted to output to HTML for your PDA and export to MapSouce. Watcher can do neither of these things so WebScouter's comment of "Or you could switch to FREE Watcher right now and be done in a couple of minutes" is a bit misleading.

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The extra nag screens only pop up if you have used GSAK more than 70 days and more than 50 times


I get all kinds of nag screens and I've only used it a few times.

You get the extra nag screens if the first install of any version of GSAK is older than 70 days and you have used any versions of GSAK a combination of 50 times.


The counter is not reset for each new version.

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Yeah, this definately accelerated the timeframe in which I was planning to upgrade.

So you're "planning" on getting around to upgrading some day (sooner than you were previously), but complaining about nag screens? Why not change your plans so that you actually pay for something you've clearly been using for some time? If it's not useful, stop using it. If it is useful, pay up already. Either way, stop complaining.


Note that I'm in no way affiliated with Clyde or GSAK, other than being a paying and very satisfied customer. I just get annoyed by people that expect something for nothing, then complain about it.


There - I feel better...

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I will have to second all these satisfied GSAK users as I am one also. Clyde makes a superior product IMO and supports it 100%. GSAK takes no 'time' to register. Just go to the website and less then 5 minutes later you’re good to go. I think it actually took me less then a minute. So not getting “around to taking the time to do it” is really not an excuse. Give Clyde some love and the nags disappear, forever! Easy fix :lol:

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